Race Team

The members of Rootstock Racing’s race team have been competing around the world for over fifteen years. Serious amateur athletes, all with full-time jobs, they love adventure, travel, and the great outdoors. They balance busy professional and family lives with their passion for sports and competition, and they value giving back to their local communities by fostering adventure sports and active-living in the outdoors.

Core team members, including Abby Perkiss, Brent Freedland, Brian Reiss, Jesse Tubb, Jim Driscoll, Joel Ford, Nikki Driscoll, and Karyn Dulaney, have raced in hundreds of adventure races ranging from sprint events to ARWS World Championships. In addition, they have competed in numerous ROGAINEs and other endurance and ultra-endurance races. They are the two-time defending national champions.

Team members have represented various organizations in twelve USARA National Championships with numerous top ten finishes including first place finishes in 2017 and 2018. They have also competed in expedition races across the globe, including Primal Quest (2006 – Utah and 2015 – Tahoe), Expedition Alaska (2015), ITERA (2014 – Wales, 2016 – Ireland), Untamed New England (2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2018), Adidas Terrex: Sting in Sterling (2012), Costa Rica Adventure Race (2010), Appalachian Extreme (2005), Endorphin Fix (2004 and 2005), Beast of the East (2002 – Virginia and 2004 – Tennessee), ARWS World Championship (2004 – Newfoundland, 2005 – New Zealand, 2007 – Scotland, and 2017 – Wyoming, US), Raid the North Extreme (2002 – Yukon), and XPD (2018 – Tasmania).

Notable accomplishments:

National Champions, USARA National Championship, 2018 (Abby, Brent, Brian, Jess, Joel, Nicki)

2nd place, Untamed New England – 2018 (Abby, Brent, Brian, and Joel)

2nd place, XPD – Tasmania, 2018 (Abby, Brent, Eric Caravella and Ryan Van Gorder)

National Champions, USARA National Championship, 2017 (Abby, Brian, and Jim)

1st place, USARA National Rankings, 2017

1st place coed, Original Mountain Marathon – Iceland, 2017 (Abby and Brent)

1st place, CNYO Snowgaine, 2017 (Abby, Brent, and John Courain)

8th place, Adventure Racing World Championship, 2016 (Jim with Team Bones)

4th place, USARA National Championship, 2016 (Brian, Jim, and Katie Ferrington)

8th place, Itera Expedition Race, Ireland, 2016 (Abby, Brent, Jim, and Mark Lattanzi)

2nd place, North American Adventure Racing Series Championship, 2015 (Abby, Brian, and Jim with GOALS ARA)

2nd place, Primal Quest, 2015 (Jim with Team Bones)

6th place, Expedition Alaska, 2015 (Abby and Brent with GOALS ARA)

4th place – Open, USARA National Championship, 2011 (Tamela with NYARA)

5th place – Open, USARA National Championship, 2011 (Abby and Brent with GOALS ARA)

5th place, Untamed New England, 2010 (Brent with GOALS ARA)

5th place, US Rogaine North American Championship, 2010 (Brent and Brian)

3rd place – Open, USARA National Championship, 2010 (Brian with ATP)

3rd place, Endorphin Fix, 2005 (Brian with Adventure Pocono)

3rd place, Appalachian Extreme, 2005 (Brian with Adventure Pocono)

1st place, Endorphin Fix, 2004 (Brian with Adventure Pocono)

1st place, Beast of the East, 2004 (Brian with Adventure Pocono)

1st place – male, USARA National Championships, 2001 (Brian with Adventure Pocono)