Racer Bios

Abby Perkiss

11011738_10103431484903623_1306025787449860944_nWhen Abby Perkiss volunteered at her first adventure race, the NYARA twelve-hour Longest Day, in 2007, she was certain she would never undertake such an epic challenge. Four months later, she lined up at the start of the GOALS ARA six-hour Edge with her new husband (and future teammate), Brent Freedland. The one-time competitive swimmer raced for Team GOALS ARA from 2008-2015, competing in dozens of events ranging from a few hours to several days. Her favorite races generally involve a high level of strategy and route choice and a healthy dose of off-trail travel, and she’s always up for good animal sightings (as long as they’re from a comfortable distance). Above all else, she believes that successful adventure racers are able to come together as a team, creating a unit that’s better than the sum of its individual parts.

Abby spends her time off the race-course teaching college history and writing about post-WWII American cities. She and Brent live in Philadelphia with their two kids; when not in the woods, the four of them are often found adventuring around the city.

Racing Highlights:

  • USARA National Championship – 2018) (1st overall)
  • EXP Tasmania – 2018 (2nd overall, adventuring in the Tassie bush)
  • USARA National Championship – 2017 (1st overall)
  • Original Mountain Marathon, Iceland – 2017 (1st coed, a truly remarkable adventure)
  • CNYO Snowgaine – 2017 (1st overall – AKA, the year The Canadians stayed home)
  • Itera Expedition Race, Ireland – 2016 (8th place overall, after five days of torrential weather)
  • NAARS Championship – 2015 (2nd overall, an inspired course and a testament to team spirit)
  • Expedition Alaska – 2015 (As RD Dave Adlard noted after the race, it was an “epic-er” adventure)
  • USARA National Championship – 2014 (9th overall, 5 months postpartum and finding new depths of physical and mental reserves)
  • Untamed New England – 2010, 2012, 2018 (doesn’t get much better than the Maine woods…)
  • Adidas Terrex, Sting in Stirling – 2012 (…except maybe in the Scottish highlands)
  • Longest Day – 2012 (1st overall, tied with SOG – a great day from start to finish with Brent, Brian, and Joel)
  • Palmetto Swamp Fox – 2010, 2012 (Gators and dolphins galore)
  • USARA National Championship – 2011 (5th open, and a true team effort to get to the finish)
  • Cradle of Liberty – 2010 (1st overall, and the race where it all “clicked”)
  • Learning to rappel off of the garage roof

Brent Freedland

Brent Freedland has been adventure racing for thirteen years, beginning as a weekend warrior with various friends before joining the GOALS ARA race team in 2007. Inspired as a teenager while watching the annual Eco-Challenge, Brent began with six-hour events, convinced he would never do anything longer. A decade and some later, he has competed in over 100 adventure races and rogaines including 11 expedition races ranging from 3-7 days. Brent raced with GOALS ARA from 2007 to 2015, captaining the team for the last several years. As a lead navigator, orienteering is his favorite aspect of adventure racing, and he enjoys listening to his teammates chatter, especially when they think he isn’t listening.

He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and teammate, Abby Perkiss, and their two kids. When not focused on adventure racing, Brent is a high school history teacher and world traveler who secretly (or not so secretly) loves watching nerdy TV while running on his treadmill.

 Racing Highlights:

  • USARA National Champion – 2018 (all the better for the adversity we faced individually going in and considering that we thought we were racing for 2nd. As they say in AR: “Anything can happen!”)
  • XPD, Tasmania – 2018 (Epic course, wombats, and a 2nd place finish to ice it)
  • Untamed New England – 2009, 2010, 2012, 2018 (2nd place in 2018, 5th place in 2010; packrafting in 2012; my first multi-day in 2009)
  • Original Mountain Marathon, Iceland – 2017 (1st coed, helluva way to celebrate our tenth anniversary)
  • CNYO Snowgaine – 2017 (1st overall; we finally got our names on the broken ski!)
  • ITERA, Ireland – 2016 (because who wouldn’t want to experience a five-day tropical storm along the Wild Atlantic Way?)
  • Expedition Alaska – 2015 (7 days of truly epic, wild adventure. Closest I will get to an Eco?)
  • ITERA, Wales – 2014 (A truly epic journey across the nation of Wales)
  • Adidas Terrex, Sting in Stirling – 2012 (5 days in the Scottish highlands)
  • Costa Rica Adventure Race – 2011 (Epic personal failure to keep me motivated)
  • 11 USARA National Championships – 2007-2015, 2016-2017
  • GMARA’s Bitter Pill – 2008 (Epic duel with Berlin Bike and EMS; 3 minutes separating 3 teams after 12 hours of racing 2nd place finish)
  • NYARA’s Shag – 2007 (My first 24 hour event, doing whatever Bruce told me to do!, 1st place coed)

Brian Reiss

10850270_357773144395275_3404345442459937087_nBrian Reiss started out trail running and mountain biking before finding his way to adventure racing.  His first AR, with Team Adventure Pocono, was the Endorphin Fix two-day in 2000. In his early years in the sport, when Brian was rich, he dragged his family to expedition races around the world, claiming that they were vacations. These “vacations” included World Championship events in Newfoundland (2004), New Zealand (2005), and Scotland (2007). He also competed in the 2002 Raid the North Extreme in the Yukon Territory, the 2003 Adrenaline Rush in Scotland, Appalachian Extreme Maine in 2005, and Primal Quest Utah in 2006. In recent years, Brian’s adventure racing budget has been redirected toward sending his daughter, Madison, to college, and he now prefers shorter events, including eight trips to the USARA National Championships. He also has multiple finishes at the General Clinton 70-mile canoe race in New York, the longest flat-water, single-day canoe race in the world.

Brian lives in Quakertown, PA with his wife, Kelly, and works at Carson Helicopters in Perkasie, PA. He is the owner and paddle builder for Jolly Roger Paddles, specializing in carbon canoe bent shaft and SUP paddles. Brian claims that he likes the Adventure more than the Race, but he’ll push, pull, drag, and crawl with the best of them to get his team across the finish line.

Racing Highlights:

  • USARA National Championship – 2001 (1st all-male), 2002, 2009, 2010 (3rd overall), 2012, 2014 (9th overall), 2015 (8th overall), 2016 (4th overall), 2017 (1st overall), 2018 (1st overall)
  • NAARS Championship – 2015 (2nd overall)
  • Delaware Adventure Series Championship – 2013 (2nd overall)
  • ECARS Championship – 2012 (2nd overall)
  • Summited Mt. McKinley – 2011
  • US Rogaine North American Championships – 2010 (5th overall)
  • ARWS World Championship – 2004,  2005, 2007
  • Primal Quest – 2006
  • Appalachian Extreme – 2005 (3rd overall)
  • Endorphin Fix – 2000 (2nd overall), 2004 (1st overall), 2007 (2nd overall)
  • Beast of the East – 2002 (1st overall); 2004 (1st overall)
  • Raid the North Extreme – Yukon Territory 2002
  • Adventure Racing Canada – 2001 Montebello (1st overall), Vermont (2nd overall)
Jesse Tubb

After a few years of successfully racing mountain bikes and triathlons, Jesse jumped into his first adventure race, the 26 hr Epic in 2013. Along with his equally ignorant teammate, he was excited to try something new and see what it was like to spend a full day of racing in the woods. Confident that they had not placed, they drove home as soon as they finished only to realize a day later they finished third. That experience was enough to inspire Jesse to join the Rev3 Adventure team and head first into the sport. Since then he has raced with several teams as a freelancer of sorts and has done numerous adventure races with his kids. 

Jesse grew up in Lake Tahoe, CA and spent many of his youthful days playing in the forests and lakes that surrounded his house. Like a second home, the woods call him to spend as much time there as possible. What he loves most about adventure racing is spending long days wandering in nature, experiencing the mental challenge of navigating through a course, suffering with exposure to the elements, finding the delicate balance of team dynamics, and gaining a heavy dose of perspective on life each time he returns from a race.  Racing feeds both the competitive and spiritual part of his life and he is grateful to find a welcome home with the Rootstock family.  

Jesse lives in Maryland with his mostly supportive wife and two teenagers and has the great fortune to make his living as a trumpet player in the U.S. Army Band, Pershing’s Own in Washington D.C.

Racing Highlights:

  • Eco-Challenge – 2019 (Did we finish???)
  • 26-hour Massanutten Massacre – 2019 (2nd overall)
  • USARA National Championship – 2018 (1st overall)
  • MMT 100 – 2018 (12th overall 2nd AG)
  • Shenandoah Epic – 2017 (solo male, 1st overall)
  • 360 Breakdown AR – 2017 (1st place 4-person co-ed)
  • Cowboy Tough ARWC – 2017 (19th place)
  • Cowboy Tough – 2016 (1st place, 2-person male)
  • XPD ARWC – 2016 (48th place coed)
  • Lake Placid Ironman (2014)
  • Boston Marathon (2014)
  • Shenandoah Epic – 2013 (3rd place 2-person male)

Jim Driscoll

11041304_10153241149202669_8636965105264822709_oJim Driscoll began adventure racing in 2012 and raced with GOALS ARA in 2014 and 2015, following his impressive win in the inaugural Meltdown Adventure Race. He didn’t stop there, taking on his first 24-hour event in his first season…a week after his first expedition race, Untamed New England! He hasn’t looked back since, and he has quickly established himself as a jack-of-all-trades, navigating, carrying extra gear, towing, winning Blazing Saddles contests, often all at the same time.

Jim lives in Philadelphia and works as a structural engineer. His athletic career started with road running, but in the past few years he has been making the transition to adventure racing, trail running, and mountain biking and he’s loving every minute of it.


Racing Highlights:

  • USARA National Championship – 2017 (1st overall)
  • Adventure Racing World Championship – 2016 (8th overall)
  • Itera Ireland, 2016 (8th overall)
  • Primal Quest Tahoe – 2015 (2nd overall)
  • NAARS Championship – 2015 (2nd overall)
  • American Adventure Sports Equinox Traverse – 2015 (1st place overall, racing solo)
  • NYARA’s Jersey Inferno – 2015 (2nd overall)
  • GOALS ARA’s Meltdown – 2014 (1st overall), 2015 (1st overall)
  • USARA National Championship – 2014, 2015 (2nd overall), 2016 (4th overall)
  • GOALS ARA’s Cradle of Liberty – 2014 (3rd overall), 2015 (1st overall)
  • Untamed New England – 2014 (first expedition length race)

Joel Ford

After years as a lacrosse goalie, Joel followed his father into mountain biking. From there, adventure racing became his passion. He joined Team ARMD in 2009, starting with six-hour events and building to the four-day Untamed New England in 2012. Not one to shy away from challenge and adventure, he also spent much of the spring and summer of 2011 thru-hiking the AT. In 2013, Joel took a break from AR and spent the next years serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Cambodia and touring the National Parks in his converted Nissan van. This year, he’s excited to settle back down in his home state of Maryland and return to adventure racing with new perspective and great stories to share with teammates in the middle of overnight bushwhacks. Joel lives in Perry Hall, MD and works as a warehouse manager for Miller Refrigeration. Outside of racing, he enjoys board games, wood working, camping, and taking advantage of as many new experiences as he can.

Racing Highlights:

  • USARA National Championship – 2018 (1st overall)
  • Delmarva Adventure Sports Coastal Challenge – 2013 (1st overall)
  • Gung Ho Adventure Race – 2013 (1st overall)
  • NYARA The Longest Day – 2012 (1st overall, with Brent, Abby, and Brian, first 24-hour win)
  • USARA National Championship – 2012
  • Greenridge Adventure Challenge – 2012 (1st co-ed, 2nd overall, first win as navigator)
  • Untamed New England Expedition Race – 2010, 2012, 2018 (Totally epic)
  • Odyssey Endorphin Fix – 2010 (First multi-day race, 4th place co-ed)

Karyn Dulaney

Like many other adventure racers, Karyn first learned of the sport by watching the Eco Challenge on TV. Busy with school and other sports (marathon running, triathlons, and crew), intimidated by the gear lists, and inability to navigate, it took Karyn until 2011 to convince other newbies to try a 6 hour race with her.  She was hooked after this race and went on to learn enough navigation to finish her first 24 hour race, even if she still did not know what an altimeter was.  Karyn then started racing with Team ARMD, completing numerous 12 and 24 hour races over the years. Her first race with Rootstock Racing  was in 2018. She is pretty positive, since she lacks the race experience of the others, as well as their exceptional yakking abilities, that it was her homemade potato cakes in the middle of the night on that first race that convinced the team to let her stick around! 

Karyn lives in Columbia, Maryland with her boyfriend and dog, Kaya. She works as an orthopedic/sports medicine physical therapist, specializing in working with runners and cyclists. While dabbling in numerous outdoor activities and sports, Karyn spends most of her time trail running, rock climbing, and finding creative places to do handstands.  She lovers adventure racing as she gets to play outside often with the excuse that she is “training.” She enjoys races with pretty scenery, as well as ones with unique, unpredictable courses. Her favorite part is the post- race laughter at the adversities the team overcame and the confidence these experiences bring for future adventures. She is still waiting to find an adventure race where she can bring pup along with her.

Racing Highlights:

  • USARA National Championships – 2019 (first Nationals with Rootstock)
  • Adventure Racing Addicts The Chill 8-hour – 2019 (1st overall) 
  • Silver Rush 50 miler, Leadville Colorado – 2018 (first 50 mile trail run)
  • Delmarva Salt and Sand 6 hour AR – 2018 (1st overall)
  • Adventure Enablers Shenandoah Epic – 2018 (1st overall)
  • Gung Ho Adventure Race – 2013 (1st overall)

Nicki Driscoll

Nicki Driscoll entered the world of adventure racing in 2016, following an illustrious career as a collegiate rower. At the time, she was looking for a new outlet to channel her competitiveness, so she followed her adventure-addicted (and equally competitive) mom and brother over to AR. In her first season, she proved to be a successful adventure racer in her own right, with 1st place finishes at the Jolly Roger Paddle and Two Rivers Adventure Race, and several other chances to stand on the podium. Nicki is drawn to the teamwork aspect of adventure racing, especially coming from a sport where she and her teammates literally had to pull each other across the finish line. Nicki lives in Philadelphia and is pursuing a PhD in Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania. When she’s not racing or studying, she fills her time with ice hockey and climbing.

Racing Highlights:

  • CNYO Snowgaine – 2020 (1st female) 
  • Wilderness Travers – 2019 (9th overall) 
  • USARA National Championship – 2017 (15th overall, 12th coed), 2018 (1st), 2019 (2nd
  • Maine Summer AR – 2016 (4th overall, 3rd coed), 2018 (3rd), 2019 (1st
  • NYARA’s The Longest Day AR – 2017 (1st), 2018 (1st
  • Two Rivers AR – 2016 (1st), 2017 (3rd overall, 2nd coed), 2018 (1st), 2019 (1st
  • Shenandoah Epic – 2017 (2nd overall, 1st coed) 
  • Jolly Roger Paddle – 2016 (1st)