kanpas logo (final)Testimonial:

Is there anything more important in adventure racing than reliable navigation? The fastest racers in the world won’t get to the finish line if they can’t navigate, and there is nothing more frustrating than being hopelessly lost. Navigation and Orienteering is, of course, largely about experience and knowledge, but all good teams and organizations rely on high-quality navigation equipment to help keep those maps straight and sensible.

The folks at Kanpas have supported Rootstock Racing for several years with their wide range of orienteering equipment. We mark our courses with their high-quality and durable flags and punches, which serve as welcome beacons for our racers in the woods. We also rely on their superb competition compasses, which utilize an extremely fast-tracking and stable needle, allowing for efficient and quick navigation even when at a full run. While not as well-known as mainstays like Suunto or Silva, we at Rootstock have been quite impressed with Kanpas compass’ performance and have found them to track even better than some of the best competition compasses on the market, not to mention Kanpas’ terrific customer service and affordable pricing!

Review-Field Test:

During our first race of the 2016 season, I tested my new Kanpas thumb compass alongside my trusty old Moscow wrist compass. I’ve been relying heavily on that Moscow compass for several years, and it is a good compass with a fast-tracking, competitive, magnetic needle. But by the end of two days of rogaining, I was completely in love with my new Kanpas which outperformed my old Moscow, tracking faster and better holding the line as we trekked and ran through the woods. I was amazed and also a bit saddened as my old compass now felt slow and more sensitive, but thrilled to be able to use this new compass from Kanpas.

-Brent Freedland, March 7, 2016


Team Rootstock’s Favorite Kanpas Gear:

Elite Thumb Compass

Elite Baseplate Compass

Map Board Clip Compass

Elite Wrist Compass