All AR navigators have been there: you’re biking along with a map case slung over a shoulder, trying to read it as you roll over roots and rocks, unable to determine if that line is a trail or a contour line, and unable to make out words and notations. Or you have strapped your map case to your handlebars, which works fine enough until it doesn’t, the case flipping over the handlebars as you scream down a hill. Most experienced racers graduate to a handlebar mounted bike board at some point, which makes bike navigation significantly easier and more efficient. To that end, we at Rootstock Racing fully endorse Autopilot, a small company out of the Czech Republic.

Radovan has designed a map board that is lighter and more stable than any high quality map board we have seen, and its mounting system is a dream. While most map boards are mounted with nuts and bolts, requiring the use of a tool every time you want to attach or detach it, the Autopilot relies on an easy-to-use clasping system that takes seconds to secure or remove. For expedition races that require you to pack and unpack your bike multiple times, this is especially useful.

Autopilots come in multiple styles including standard height, the Tallboy, and the Angleboy. All mounts are designed to fit standard 31.8mm handlebars, though we do have a bar reduction kit so you can fit the boards to smaller bars. If your bars happen to be larger than 31.8, get in touch. We may be able to get a board made for you!

Rootstock Racing is one of only a few authorized dealers in the US. Take a look at our order form, and let us know if we can help make bike navigation easier for you!

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