2017 Team Results

2017 National Champions

Ranked 1st in the nation, 2017 USARA rankings

January 14: Adventure Addicts Winter Chill, 6 hours – 1st coed/overall (Abby, Brent, Mark Lattanzi, and Andy Bacon), 2nd coed/7th overall (Joel with  ARMD); Brent’s Race Report

February 25: CNYO’s Snowgaine, two 8 hour days – 1st coed/overall (Abby, Brent, and John Courain); Brent’s Race Report

March 26: GOALS ARA’s Meltdown, 6 hours – 27th overall (Brent with Zoe as Little Rootstocks) Zoe’s Race Report

April 1: NYARA’s Fool’s Rogaine, 6 hours – 7th (Abby with Val Nordquist as Rootquist Nerdstocks)/8th (Brent)

April 8: Soggy Bottom Boys’ Sproute, 8 hours – 1st overall (Brent and Joel) Brent’s Race Report

April 22: Adventure Enablers’ Epic, 24 hours – 1st coed, 2nd overall (Abby, Brent, Jim, Nicki)

April 29: Get Stoked Rogaine, 24 hours – 1st coed, 2nd overall (Jim and Nicki)

May 27: OMM Iceland, 2 7- and 6-hour days – 1st coed, 12th overall (Abby and Brent) Brent’s Race Report

June 4: GOALS ARA’s Savage Adventure Race, 12 hours – 5th coed, 6th overall (Brian, Joel, Nicki)

June 24: Maine Summer Adventure Race, 10 hours – 2nd coed/overall (Abby, Brent, Tamela) Brent’s Race Report

July 29: GOALS ARA’s Krista Griesacker, 12 hours – 1st coed, 2nd overall (Brian, Joel, NIcki)

August 10: Adventure Racing World Championship, Cowboy Tough, 6 days – 22nd (Abby, Brent with Andy Bacon and Mark Lattanzi) Brent’s Race Report

September 2: NYARA’s Longest Day, 24 hours – 1st overall (Brian, Nicki, Joel)

September 22: USARA National Championship, 30 hours – 1st overall (Abby, Brian, Jim); 12th coed, 15th overall (Brent, Joel, Nicki)

December 2: Rootstock Racing’s Two Rivers Adventure Race, 12 hours 2nd coed, 3rd overall (Joel, Nicki, Bruce Kuo)