2016 Team Results

March 5-6: CNYO Snowgaine, two 8-hour days – 2nd coed, 4th overall (Abby, Brent and John Courain)

April 2: Rootstock Racing Crooked Compass Adventure Trek, 8 hours – 2nd coed, 4th overall (Jim and Mira Racheva)

April 30: Get Stoked Rogaine, 24 hours – 1st overall (Abby, Brent, and Jim)

June 4: GOALS ARA Cradle of Liberty, 12 hours – 2nd coed, overall (Abby, Brent, and Tamela)

June 11: Rootstock Racing Jolly Roger, 9 hours – 1st 2-person, overall (Jim and Nicki)

July 23: Maine Summer Adventure Race, 8 hours – 2nd coed, 4th overall (Abby, Brent, and Pete Spagnoli)

August 6: GOALS ARA Krista Griesacker Adventure Race, 12 hours – 1st coed, 4th overall (Jim, Brian, and Tamela)

August 17: Open Adventure Itera Adventure Race, 5 days – 8th overall (Abby, Brent, Jim, and Mark Lattanzi)

October 14: USARA National Championship, 30 hours – 4th coed, overall (Jim, Brian, and Katie Ferrington)

December 3: Rootstock Racing Two Rivers Adventure Race, 12 hours – 1st coed, overall (Brian, Jim, Nicki)