Two Rivers Racer Update – 4/18/19

We are officially one month out from the 2019 Two Rivers Adventure Race, and we wanted to send out a few additional details on the event, to help in your preparations and planning.
We’ve received several guesses as to the start location (which we have neither confirmed nor denied!). The award for the best guess goes to Jared Krefski of Trust the Compass, who surmised correctly that we would be beginning in Forksville, PA.
Course Information
We have decided to keep the course open for 27 hours, rather than 24, to give more teams the opportunity to take on the course. This is not to say that the course is necessarily clearable – but those extra few hours will give you the chance to bite off a little bit more!  The race will run from 7:00am Saturday to 10:00am Sunday. Note: if, for whatever reason, you want to limit your time on the course to 24 hours, we will have the finish line set up and ready for you!
To give you a sense of what to expect, here are the rough distance estimates for the course. The first column is the full course, second column is the short course. For the biking, you can expect that a fair bit of the riding will be on fire roads (for the short course, almost all of it will; there’s a bit more opportunity for adventure on the full course!).

Total Miles



Total Bike



Total Foot



Total Paddle



The gear list is available here. Bike odometers and altimeters are permitted. As a reminder, GPS is strictly forbidden in our events. You must rely on maps and navigation skills to make your way across the course. If you have any questions about what is allowed, please email us BEFORE the race. And, if you’re planning to use a garmin watch or something similar purely for the purposes of tracking your route and post-race analysis, please let us know ahead of time.
Pre-Race Logistics
Because it worked so well last year, we are going to hold a virtual pre-race briefing on Facebook Live on Thursday night, 5/16, at 9:00pm EST. This will be viewable in non-live format once the discussion has closed, and we will answer any follow-up questions in the comments through Friday at 7:00pm.
We will offer an optional (but encouraged) check-in on Friday evening in Williamsport, PA (exact location TBA) from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. There, racers will hand in waivers and receive course instructions and schematic. If you are unable to attend Friday night, please let us know no later than Thursday. We will send you a PDF version of the same documents, and have hard copies available to you at check-in.
On Saturday morning, we will open check-in at 5:30am in Forksville. You will need to drop your bikes at a designated location before you check in (we will send out that location closer to the event – for now, we’ll say that it’s roughly 20 minutes from the drop to check-in). The bike drop will open at 5:00am. You may leave any gear/food at the bike drop, so long as it’s all cleaned up when you pass through. Those who did not check in Friday night will be expected to bring signed waivers with them (we will not have copies available that morning).
Gear Support
This is a remote course. Cell reception is limited to non-existent, and teams should be prepared not to see any stores or amenities for the full duration of the event. That said, at two locations on the course, you will encounter pre-packed resupplies.
The first will be in the first third of the race. Any gear or clothing that’s being swapped out must fit in your paddle bag, along with all of your team’s paddle gear.
The second resupply will come during the back half of the race. Teams may pack a duffel bag with food/clothes/etc… Max capacity is 75L, one per team. For planning purposes, you will have a better gauge of when you’ll see this bag during the Facebook Live session on 5/16.