The Adventure Series

About Rootstock Racing’s Adventure Series

While our favorite event is without question the original multi-sport, team-focused Adventure Race, we know that sometimes the commitment to a longer event with all of its various gear requirements can be too much.

All three races in the 2017 Adventure Series highlight the team-nature of adventure racing and will include navigation and potentially small special challenges or small additional sections, but they will generally be focused on a single discipline.

So, for those looking for a less gear-intensive adventure, consider joining us for one or more of our races in the Adventure Series. These events are great as stand-alone competitions but also will serve as good training for both seasoned adventure racers and rookies alike. And for those looking to compete in the series, we have a terrific prize package waiting for the winning team!

The Events:

**There will be no solo category for the Jolly Roger**

The Grand Prize:

The Rules:

  • The primary prize package will be awarded to a team only.
  • Solos will be able to compete in some Adventure Series events and will be eligible for a separate prize package at the end of the series.
  • To score points for the series ranking, a team MUST have at least one person racing in each race.
    • Example: Team A cannot score points for The Crooked Compass and the Jolly Rodger if Team A has completely different rosters at each event racing under the same name.
  • The series prize will be awarded to the overall winner of the series and may come from any division, not including solos.


  • Teams will score points at each race based on the number of points they earn in that race.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the series will win the series prize.
  • If there is a tie in points, total cumulative time across the events will serve as a tie-breaker.