Stockville Racer Update #2

Hello Rootstockers,
We write now with a final update, to get you ready for this weekend’s race. First, for those of you who registered after the first update went out, you can access it here. Below, you’ll find a number of notes and reminders.

1. The race will run 8am-10pm Saturday and 5am-3pm Sunday. This means that you will need your headlamp both days. Make sure you have adequate battery life!

2. Michaux bushwhacking can be dense. You’ll want to ensure that everything is secure to your packs before going off trail. We also recommend wearing long pants, and possibly compression sleeves or gaiters for shin protection.
3. There is a fair bit of water on course; make sure to have purification.
4. As we noted earlier, it’s hunting season in PA. Make sure that you have something bright to wear each day. This could be your pack, your shirt, your jacket – it just has to be something visible. We will have some extra orange pinnies if you forget, but we don’t have enough for the whole field, so please don’t relief on this.
5. As a reminder, we’ll be transporting cookware and tents, but that’s it. We ask that you take this seriously and maintain both the spirit and integrity of the event by following these guidelines and not including extra food, clothes, etc… in your drop bag.
6. For Friday night camping: There are two parking lots at Big Flat. You’ll want to set up camp in the lot behind the lot off the road. The two lots should be self-evident when you get there. There are bathrooms available in the main lot.
7. Be mindful of the weather. Right now, it’s looking like mid-60s during the day, low/mid-40s at night. Great racing conditions, but expect to be cold when you get to midcamp. Pack accordingly!
This should be it from us until race day, but please feel free to reach out with any questions.
See you in the woods!