Dirtbags Bikepacking has changed the game on AR biking, especially in expedition races or during unusually long bike legs in shorter events. Many adventure racers use various Bento boxes on their top tubes, but expanding your bike storage capacity with other bags helps make long hours on the bike more enjoyable, more efficient, and easier on the body.

Company founders Emily and Heath Brown started Dirtbags after a bikepacking trip through South Dakota. They designed and made their own gear for their trip, and so was born this amazing, personalized company that knows what bikers need and want from intensive, first-hand knowledge.

Thankfully for us, they turned their bike-packing experiences into Dirtbags, and their products are perfect for adventure racers who need to carry and access significant amounts of gear and food on the bike. Dirtbags products are not only produced by hand here in the United States, but they also are well-priced and lighter than almost any other similar product we have seen.

Onto to the gear: shifting gear and food from your pack to your bike means less strain on your back and body. In addition, more storage on the bike means easier access to food and other equipment you might want while on that epic 24-hour bike leg. With less need to stop to access your pack, less fumbling with your pack, and less weight on your back, Dirtbags bike bags allow you both to move faster and to preserve your body and energy for the rest of the race. And no more dropped food, gear, or trash as you struggle with those zippers and pockets on your pack!

Our favorite Dirtbags Products:

The Grub Bag: Install one or two Grub Bags on your handlebars to triple your food access, store a spare battery, stash an extra bottle of fluid, or allow for easy access to those small items that are so critical in a long expedition race: chapstick, meds, sunglasses, bike tools, etc.. The Grub Bags allow for easy and quick access and eliminate the need to stop mid-ride or slow down as you fight with your pack pockets.

The Minimalist Seat Post: Get pounds of weight off your back by shifting your mandatory gear and extra clothes or shoes into this amazing bag, preserving your back for the rest of the expedition. Not only does the Minimalist Seat Bag carry up to 12 liters worth of gear, it only weighs an extra 300 grams. Complete with effective cinch straps and buckles, this bag really changes the nature of expedition race biking.

Burrito Hauler Top Tube Bag: With a zipper to keep your food and gear dry and grit free, the Burrito Hauler is a great starting item that all racers should have, regardless of the length of the event. More spacious and protected than most bento bags, the Burrito complements the Grub Bags to provide access to hours and hours of food and gear.

And since most Dirtbags products are fully customizable on color, now your bike can be as coordinated as your team kit or as free-spirited as you are!