Adventure Racers know that safe paddling is critical to successfully completing a race, regardless of whether it is a six hour sprint race or a 10 day expedition. A good PFD is one of the most important pieces of paddling gear an adventure racer can have, and we have fallen in love with Astral products.

Not only are they affordable, but Astral PFDs are some of the lightest traditional PFDs on the market. These aren’t your low profile vests or inflatable jackets. These are full flotation devices, and our favorites weigh in right around one pound. Additionally, Astral PFDs breathe extremely well, keeping you cool at the height of summer racing while still providing warmth in cooler weather. And while they have managed to produce lightweight PFDs, they haven’t done so at the expense of some of the bells and whistles that come with more expensive jackets: all Astral PFDs are complete with useful and secure pockets and adjustable straps.

In addition to producing amazing PFDs and other paddling equipment such as throw ropes, sandals, and water shoes, Astral is a leader in the outdoor industry when it comes to environmental stewardship, something we highly value at Rootstock Racing. Over the years, Astral has fought to eliminate toxic material from flotation devices, and the company has become a model for sustainability, perfect company for adventure racers and for Rootstock Racing!

Team Rootstock’s Favorite Astral Gear:

V-Eight PFD

Ronny PFD

Linda PFD (for Women)

Throw Rope