AR Philly Gear List

Gear List

Mandatory Individual Gear 

  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Whistle (for family race, one per adult member of the team; for women’s race and twilight race, one per person)
  • Headlamp with sufficient battery power for the duration of the race (for twilight race only)
  • Mountain bike and helmet (for bike/foot divisions of family and women’s race; for everyone at twilight race)

Mandatory Team Gear

At all times, teams must carry:

  • At least one pack or other means to carry gear for all team members
  • Enough food to fuel each team member for two hours
  • Water bottles or a hydration system to keep each team member hydrated for two hours
  • A fully charged cell phone  (GPS use is forbidden)
  • Race rules and maps (provided by the race organization)
  • A map case (a ziploc bag will suffice; just need to keep your maps dry!)
  • Basic first aid kit (i.e. band-aids, anti-bacterial cream, etc.; including emergency supplies for those who require it – inhaler, epi pen, etc…)

Recommended Team Gear

  • A dry bag or some way to keep equipment dry
  • A camera or camera phone (GPS use is forbidden)
  • A compass
  • A tarp or blanket for your gear at the start/finish/transition area
  • A watch
  • Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses
  • Bug spray

Recommended Individual Gear

  1. Long pants or leg covering. There are some sections of the course where you may encounter low lying brush or thorns. We recommend wearing long pants for comfort and protection against scrapes and ticks.

Prohibited Gear

  • Weapons
  • GPS devices – If you want to use a device for the sake of tracking your route for later download, you may be permitted to use it but must discuss this with the organization ahead of the race
  • Night vision googles or other similar devices
  • Communication devices – a cell phone is required for emergencies only; no other such devices should be carried unless approved by the organization
  • Any form of transportation not specifically allowed by the organization