About Rootstock Racing

Rootstock Racing is a non-profit organization located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rootstock seeks to add adventure into the daily lives of its racers, regardless of age or experience. Serving the greater community of Philadelphia but also reaching well beyond the city limits, Rootstock encourages individuals, friends, and families to explore the natural world around them while also challenging themselves physically and mentally. In addition to fostering sports and adventure, Rootstock Racing seeks to give back to local environmental and conservation efforts while advocating for responsible use of the amazing outdoor spaces participants will visit.

Founders Abby Perkiss and Brent Freedland have been marathon-ing, triathlon-ing, adventure racing, orienteering, mountain biking, paddling, and more for the better part of a decade. And during their time competing in more than two hundred adventure-based events, they have spent years learning about and studying adventure sports.

Inspired by races great and small, from local beginner adventure races to multi-day, international events, and most importantly by the wide range of racers that form the heart of the adventure community, Abby and Brent hope that Rootstock Racing will offer participants manageable adventures while also pushing them to and sometimes past their limits. Rootstock Racing offers a variety of events that challenge people of all levels while also encouraging them to learn and master the skills and disciplines that come together in the sport of adventure racing.