2019 Crooked Compass Adventure Trek – Racer Update #2

Hello Rootstockers!

It’s race week, and we can’t wait to spend a beautiful Saturday in the woods with you all. The weather forecast is looking pitch perfect – mid-sixties and partly cloudy – the medals and t-shirts are in, the finish line pizza has been ordered, and the course is ready for you!
We have a few notes to share with you, to help in your preparations this week.
1. The winter snow melt is largely gone and the ground is solid. As our course setter told us, “the course was dry in all the places it should be dry and wet in all the places it should be wet!” The forecast shows a little bit of rain on Friday this week, so there’s a chance you might find your feet a bit soggy in places, but we’re expecting good conditions for race day.
2. All of the streams have water running through them, so filterable water will be readily available on course.
3. If you have one, we recommend bringing an altimeter with you.
4. We’ve received a few questions on gear, so we thought we’d email the answers to everyone to avoid any confusion:
  • If you’re racing as a solo, you need to bring everything on both the individual and team mandatory gear lists.
  • All racers must have the mandatory individual gear. These are the items that, in our estimation, will help you get from start to finish as safely as possible.
  • Each team (or solo racer) must have at least one physical compass. The compass app on your phone will not suffice!

Unless something significant comes up, this should be it from us until race morning. If you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out. If questions do come up that are relevant to everyone, we’ll do our best to post the information on the event facebook page, available here.

See you in the woods!
Abby and Brent