2018 Sylvan AR – Racer Update #2

We’ve fielded a handful of emails from racers concerned that their lodging choice may not be optimal for the bike drop. So, our illustrious course designers have relented and decided to divulge the location now. The bike drop will take place at the Haycock Boat Launch (2100-2162 Mountain View Dr, Quakertown, PA 18951). Once again, the drop will open at 5:30am.
A few more notes:
1. In thinking about your attire for race day, keep in mind that you may be bashing through some pretty thick woods. We recommend pants, or at least some kind of shin protection.
2. If you’re thinking of parking an RV at the campground on Friday night, please let us know ASAP.

3. Course estimates. You can expect (minimum/full course):
  • Paddle — 6.5/8 miles
  • Bike — 15/24 miles
  • Foot — 2/22 miles